Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Ever since.. came into my life, things haven't been the same!
...I came to delhi in December 2005, social life has been down.
...I left home at the age of 17, I started fighting my own battles.
...Tina moved away from India, I miss her more.
...I changed my job, my employability meter took a few jumps.
...I started blogging in Feb 2005, thoughts flowed like water on a marble floor.
...the first breakup, it stopped hurting so much.
...the coast guard ball in 1999, I stopped drinking to puke.
... his heart condition deteriorated, I live in fear that dad will go away and leave me all alone
...The first time 4 drunk cops accosted us, I believe they're all corrupt
...the time that she got me orchids, and we never made it, I stopped giving flowers
...I started dreaming, I realized that life was as beautiful as I'd want it to be.


Cheer up and smile baby. Life ain't all that bad

...and life is indeed beautiful

ever since...

...that phone call, i believed in myself a whole lot more... :)

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