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Ever since.. came into my life, things haven't been the same!
...I came to delhi in December 2005, social life has been down.
...I left home at the age of 17, I started fighting my own battles.
...Tina moved away from India, I miss her more.
...I changed my job, my employability meter took a few jumps.
...I started blogging in Feb 2005, thoughts flowed like water on a marble floor.
...the first breakup, it stopped hurting so much.
...the coast guard ball in 1999, I stopped drinking to puke.
... his heart condition deteriorated, I live in fear that dad will go away and leave me all alone
...The first time 4 drunk cops accosted us, I believe they're all corrupt
...the time that she got me orchids, and we never made it, I stopped giving flowers
...I started dreaming, I realized that life was as beautiful as I'd want it to be.

Who am I???

This is a little exercise I did last night. Trying to create that one page about myself.

I am a god fearing person who does not cheat others.
I am an extrovert
I am a person who does his job passionately
I am a manager
I am a writer who likes to keep track of things.
I am a learner who applies himself.
I am a photographer
I am a creative designer
I am a person who likes to be in the limelight and not backstage.

WHAT TURNS ME ON ABOUT each of the above?
- I can speak with a clean heart and an honest face to those around me. It is better to be frank and blunt than a polite cheater. I call a spade a spade. Sometimes it may not be what the patient wanted - but thats what the doctor ordered.
- New ideas, new feeling, something new when I meet people and interact with them. Gives me something to think about and get ideas galore. If I can't be the inventor - the people I meet can help me become the innovator.
- I am what I do. My job reflects on me as a person. So it is personal. I look for that …


Don't say things you can't do...
Don't make promises you can't keep...
Don't make commitments that are not in your hand to accomplishIt leaves a bad taste when you worry about people and they care a damn about what you feel. Then they merely say there was nothing they could do about it. I wish it was so easy for me to turn around and say that I don't care no more. But that's not a choice I have... Nor will I make that choice. But it hurts.
Maybe one day someone will understand.
I live in hope..
Best Regards,
Arjun Mahajan

One night out...

I wonder why I love travelling, yet miss home so much when i'm out of it.
I spent a night out at Agra on work and then a dusty crowded day in Aligarh. It's been a bumpy road back to my dwelling place. The phone's almost out of juice and I'm typing on its last legs.
It's been a hectic 36 hours since my journey started. But I love this pressure of the job as long as I don't have to call in and report on an hourly basis. The weather has been chilly but I've donned my trusty hoody and it keeps the top warm. Ihad some amazing veg and non-veg food in Agra. Didn't have time for food in Aligarh - so our distributor got us filled up on fruits. Every trip teaches me a few things- this time I learned to smile and listen.. To angry customers. Accepting our faults helps smoothens the discussion

Picture painting

I look at the world around me. So much to create. So much that beckons me. A part of me wants to break free. I want to be that artist who brings life to a piece of canvas. I want to breathe life into the inanimate photograph. I want to me the story teller who can create music from the utterings within.

I get my inspiration from life itself. Every thinking moment if converted to a feeling moment can color the imagination. I wonder what the worlds greatest story tellers thougt when they put pen to paper. Was it merely about a story or a lesson in morals? Maybe it was about a legacy. The actions that we do live on after us - so also our words. I want to create a legacy that will live on...
I'm 31. If I was to die today - wonder what I would be remembered for..

My blocked on mobile

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A week in Dubai!

I'm just not feeling so organized today. I kinda feel like i'm being swarmed.... not swamped!!
So many things to do... no shortage of time - but the mental unease of leaving it for tomorrow.
This is me .. after a week in Dubai!

This was an interesting experience.... for the following reasons!
I met lots of folks that I'd never have met usually - since we were part of a tour group (for the Arab Lab exhibition)I was alone in a foreign country for the first time - my brothers got back after day 3I had my first bout of illness in a foreign land... got off at the intersection and upped everything... from dinner to breakfast :-) They will now have a traffic signal in Bur Dubai named after me.
I got my first Harley Davidson hat and L series Lens.
Attended my first belly dance... (not my belly though)Observed what happens to obese gulabjaamuns... when they're kept outside for 2 days and more
Got stopped at every immigration counter cos' my face and the passport pic donot match u…

MTV Roadies - going down under

The diabolical twins - baldy bros are at it.
They can pull down anyone - boy or girl... Or even in between.

Their profession is nastiness- under the guise of testing folks. They're looking for the right attitude and interesting personalities. But their methods - sadistically funny at times - inspire me to get up and wallop them.
I know most of the applicants are like PAPPUs who don't deserve to be there.
But these two take the cake... They even slapped a couple of guys.
Wait till I meet them in a dark alley......

Dubai calls!!

Hey all....
I'm off to Dubai from the evening of the 8th to night of the 13th...
It's not a long trip as such but should help in getting some business from the ARAB LAB exhibition.
My evenings of course ... will be free... so anyone in town can contact me on my mobile :-)

Time duration for calls is as follows

Married Men - 10secs
Boring relatives - you expect me to pick up my phone while on intl roaming??
Single men - 20 secs (can be extended if there are offers of meeting with single women)
Wife - once a day only - 1 minute max
Female friends of wife - 5 mins (depending on marital status)
Office - you expect me to pick up my phone while on intl roaming??
Single women who've taken my number in Dubai - 10 s  only (the answer is yes - lets meet up)

.... luckily i have medical insurance... will need it when I get back... and Sups' gives me her mind in lil pieces!

Peace Out!!

Facebook is BLOCKED

Ok - so the big garangutan that I report to - finally got facebook blocked - specifically for me.
I was the only user of FB in this setup.

So now it's personal.
But I have sworn to take this piece of vendetta and shove it up his piles infested arse!!
I shall now be on FB... via different medium.. especially at work...
Please feel free to disturb me at work..... and if any of you want to leave messages for him.... you may please post it on my wall..... or on this blogpost!!

DOWN WITH AUTOCRACY.... LONG LIVE FACEBOOK MOBILE AND ... my soon to be procured USB modem... for FACEBOOKING at work!!!


I yearned for the sun, the sand and the 1 woman in the pic....That is Supriya during our honeymoon in Goa between the sand castle in the foreground and the setting sun in the background. Yes - i know -Then I married her!! But everyday feels like a new day - when we must fight,care,understand and love each other some more. It's like she reveals a new facet each day.... some part of her that I missed when I last looked. Life is like this bubble... reflecting all around, a safety net within - yet so fragile. It's good while it floats

Rab ne kaise banyi ye jodi?

Supriya dragged me for this one.
I'd rather have seen GHAJINI.... I'd have suffered memory loss and forgotten about it after 15 minutes!
We'd have seen Ghajini too... if the tickets hadn't been in separate rows.

Anyways...i went nuts watching this one dipped in SUGAR syrup.... the sweet lass in winsome and hurting. The boy is loving and sacrificing. The hairdresser had a difficult childhood. The guys at PUNJAB POWER work off laptops and can switch off the city lights on request.... to spell out the 3 words that can drive a marriage on the rocks!! The Wife cannot recognize her own husband without the moustache. (My wife would know me in the dark with or without hair). She cannot get the dudes voice either. So they dance and prance and do all the things that wannabe lovers do.

But she asks god one question - show me RAB!
presto - husband is RAB.... I mean he was just about to get rubbed out... and now he's GOD!!
She isn't even angry when the truth becomes known -…

Welcome to 009!!!

Welcome to the new year folks. I'd love to say it's bright and shiny. But it's actually quite chilly right now... the weather that is :-) Things will improve as the year progresses. cheerio.....