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VIP culture

Mrs. Indira gandhi was assassinated.
Mr. Rajiv gandhi was assassinated.
So bloody what?
There are innumerable cases of Indian families losing fathers , sons & daughters in wars and conflicts over the years.
So did their next of kin get X Y Z category of protection? I don't think so.

I know it's time to end the VIP culture and live in a real democracy. The politician in India has jumped the queue, expects garlanding at airports and loves his status quo. Why should I change my route for a fucking prime minister or any bastardized politician. If I lose my life in an ambulance because I could not get to the hospital on time since there was a holdup and a politician with xyz level of threat responsibility.

This is personal and I don't really care who gets hurt. Maybe it is time to hurt the parliament again - this time with more success.

I sincerely hope that the NSG walks away at the time

Yup just cuz they have lost two members of their family to terrorism, the next seven generations of the Gandhis need to be povided Z category security. the rest of us who pay for that can gop to hell. We'r expendable after all

yes we are.... totally expendable!!

The World Protection Group ensures the safety of VIPs. We are specialized in Executive Protection, Corporate Security, Personal Protection, VIP Protection etc VIP Protection

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