Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Let's just have a war!!

Catch the Paki bastard do his talk on the following link
Trust me - that old man and the bitch on television are gonna get it.
I think it's time for a war here.

It'll cost us in lives... but the end result will be worth it.
Let's all just piss (all at once)  - Pakistan will be under 6 ft of liquid for a long long time to come!!

Just got some more news that came in from our local statisticians : 4000+ attacks on indian soil form 1970-2004
This is as compiled by the University of Maryland....

Look the crust of the matter is they know they can't defeat us in war,our armed forces are way much superior! Proved in all the previous wars. So they did the best thing they can do--stab us from behind. All cowards.--Pallavi

Pakistan is bankrupt. They'r going around asking for handouts literally with katora in hand. Those guys can't even afford a war right now. Why do you think Zardari is shitting in his pants?

I sincerely hope this wont turn into another war. Let dumb ppl keep talking rubbish.

I guess wut we hv to do is really DO something to make a difference for the ppl of India and it's terms of Security.


the govt. can do naught for our security now.
It's time to do it for ourselves - one citizen at a time.
I know I must sound GUNG-Ho... but you know what - this is necessary.

We have politicians who care a damn for us. The army cares but it's tied to the politicians of this country.

So we must take up arms....
Pakistan cannot afford a war as Sups pointed out.... but they have definitely asked for it - like a man with cancer asking for euthanasia!!! Let's grant them their last wish!!!

facts are that its a govt of incompetents for the lazy and incopetents.That this option of seaward attack was projeced repeatedly since 1989 by the coast guard and restressed in the aftermath of the march 1993 bombay blasts and sought seaward patrolling is well recorded . The problem was converted by the participating agencies into a competion amongst themselves for lime light ,and empire building and on ground the solutions were ineffecive because the whole action was media focused rather than problem centred. Net result the patroling was on paper not in the three tiered patrol at sea by the Navy, coast guard , and customs / police on the coast line. No inteligence apparatus was ever formulated for joint operation and soon each participant was a headless wonder fibbing the other. Trawlers were hired at huge expense from the fishermen to carry navy ,custom and police for close coast patrolling but they soon became ineffective because the boats were mostly nonoperational engine wise and ill equiped for surveillance.Bugdet papers kept expanding with costs and equipment but never reached the end users. Infact within six months of the proposals being activated the personnel being deputed for joint patrolling were known indisciplined people and a posting to such jobs was regarded by them as penal with predictable mrale and results.

In these circumstances who do ou blame and for what . I tend to have a view on this but will share it later

Arun K mahajan

FYI for all concerned. The last comment was by my dad who was heading up the Indian Coast Guard in the Western Region during the 90s.

I guess he has the inside scoop.. but due to security issues won't be able to share them here!!

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