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Interesting Reads!!

I do a lot of online reading - following blogs and websites from the personal, technical, business and MISC sectors! Thought I'd share some of the intereting reads of the week with you.

Barkha on TRIAL
Got this from Shobha Des Blog!
Liked her viewpoint on how we INDIANs exhibit the Scorpion Mentality to all around us. Our biggest enemy is US... not the guys outside!

This is a must watch film!! Check out its page at IMDB.

Cleanup Ideas
Supriya has some ideas on how we can clean up the state of affairs.

Do you wanna be a player??
I follow BOING BOING quite religuously. Here's their take on getting a piano on your shirt

BRITNEY Rebounds
It was not so far back that folks wrote her off. SHe's back with a bang - and her new album - CIRCUS - got off on the right foot!! With Brittney - it's always like a crest and trough phenomenon.... i wonder when the next trough is coming (or not - i hope)

Get GMAIL to help you...
Hey - we all use GMAIL b'cos of the storage and stuff!! But here's some of the other nifty things that it does... If nothing else.. do try out GMAIL LABS at least!

Choosing a BABY Name
... or even have yours analysed....!!!
..... I used to use this during college days to come across as a more KNOWLEDGABLE person

Thanku for including mera name too

tnxx Arjun! :)


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