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Happy Anniversary - Tina & Gautam!!

To my lovely Sis and my best friend Gautam
Wishing you a very very happy anniversary no.1
Wish we could be with you and the folks in LA!



Gautam T

Shukriya- hum wahaan hotey, to kaisa hota! im going to make this my fb profile photo

Hey happy Anniversary TT & GT...we want partyyyyyy

Happy Anniv. to ur sis n hubby!

And hey Happy New Year to ya! :)



How do you make these pages? I want to learn!

Thanks Keshi!!!
I trust you had a blast this new years eve!!

Thank you D!!
Well I do my own designing on my mac and then convert to PDF or JPEG as reqd.
I read a lot of stuff and keep observing existing magazine designs for ideas

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