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Christmas Gifts...

I wish I could be SANTA CLAUS.... (the weight is already coming on)
Here's my gift list for family'n'friends!!

SUPRIYA - love, love .. and loads of love (no monetary gifts)
MOM - a big warm hug
MA -  peace of mind
DAD - a new car!!
BABA - the last 15 years of his life... with the happiness to boot
TINA - a 100K per year job in LA
GAUTAM - that he becomes daddy in 09!!!
BUA - loads of happiness!
SHIVY bhabhi- becomes a mommy in 09!
AMANDEEP - true love!!
RANIT - a healed up back!!
VISHAL - a marriage with the lady of his dreams
JOHNNNNY - 25 kgs weight loss
SHYAMAL - a speedy return to INDIA

DADI - that she becomes a great grandmother this year (again)
SANA - that she retains her cuteness and beauty for the years to come
ASHA - an understanding prince charming.
PRIYANKA - opportunities to do some great photography (she shoots really well)
ARPITA - happiness!!
AYESHA - stability and a great paying job
DEYA - a shift to a college in KOLKATA... with all the people she wants to go with her!!

Thanks for the gift baby....for you I wish you lots of love, biiiig hug, happiness and loads of great photos :)

Btw Gautam - a daddy in 2009?

so every one gets something added - I am the only one with the 'loss' -never mind - still a sweet (err ?? ) gift

I've settled pretty well with my parallel lives really though I wouldn't mind running back to Kolkata. But like you mentioned I'd like to take many people there with me. :) :)

Wish you a Merry Christmas. Hugs.

:-) Thank you so much for that thoughtful gift!!

umm..... nobody has any gifts for me!!
even Sups forgot :-(

Oye i got you lego

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