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Action time

I pay my taxes on time. Have been paying them for quite some time now. But I don't seem to be getting enough bang for my bucK.
Have you?

This nation of Gandhi is becoming a collection of gaa***s.
The American said it straight - our way or the highway and backed it up with guns. Time for Bharatmata to do the same.

I've watched the news channels more in the last week than in the lat two years. It's the phase of becoming aware - of realizing it doesn't take much to lay us down. We are vulnerable. We are being taken advantage of and nothing we do other than lay back, spread our legs and hold up a big sign - DO ME!!!

I think at times like this we all feel quite frustrated and long for immediate action. But we also must think abt the long-term effects of such actions...we cannot let impulsive thoughts take us over. Then we'd be just like THEM.

wut is the Real solution to this? Surely not war Arjun?


yes Keshi.. there is a lot of pent up anger .. ready for venting...
.. and come to think of it... the brim has just been reached!!

I do not believe war is the answer - though I mulled over it a few posts back!

But I do believe that we have to change - as a nation, as a people into a more cohesive group - rather than the divisive one that we we're well on the route to becoming!

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