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It's like the title says...

One drop of blood at a time

A nation of a billion souls is dying..... one drop of blood at a time.
This time it is the Deccan Mujahideen in Mumbai. Earlier it was the Islamic Security Force-Indian Mujahedeen in Guwahati.
We watch it on the idiot box, read it on the internet and I wonder if any place is safe. Is there any safe time to do anything. Leopolds  (AKA LEOs) was my favorite hangout in Mumbai. Today it is the scene of a terror attack. For me - terror started in 1993, when my ICSE papers finished and the bombs went off outside. I haven't been much useful thereafter in this fight.

90 folks dead, 275 injured this time around.

The end is nowhere in sight.
It hurts!

It makes you stop and think that it can happen anytime anywhere. We'r going to think twice before going out in our own country

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