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A lil bit of this and a lil bit of that

These last few weeks have been a potpourri of events at work. They've kept me tongue tied, feet tied, blog tied and basically kept me away from my favourite activities such as having fun.

No doubt this medicine (hard work) will serve me well in the long run and keep me free from illness in the world of financial crisis. But it's still medicine.

I am planning to go to Germany come the 18th November, but that plan is currently in a bit of a conundrum as the German embassy (peace be on their souls) has granted me a visa interview date for 2nd December. It seems there has been a speeding up of their parallell universe vis-a-vis my own. So they're so far ahead in time that I seemed to have missed the boat :-)
Well hope floats - so i'm hopeful (though not too enthu about it that things will resolve themselves and I will still go).
Actually I'd much prefer to stay here!!

The winters are coming in and the warm clothes are coming out. The weather however is still a lil bit of this and a lil bit of that - hot and cold remix - involving a lot of clothing confusion.
I wore my first sweater today (a half sleeve one from school days) and lo behold - i was on display at work as everybody was like - "is that your start of winter announcement"?

My creativity has also been wanting to do a lot... but i've just felt that wee bit lazy and hence residing at square One.... I've been thinking of doing a lit bit of this but not really ending up anywhere near that!!

Go go go...I want me week to myself. Go get me sme stuff from Germany :P

yes it would not be a bad thing to go... but i'm just not feeling up to it!!

Germany? WOW!

I've been lazy too...a lil detached...:)


Yes Keshi... i almost made it across to Germany... was going there for a Medical Exhibition....

"The winters are coming in and the warm clothes are coming out"

the part of the world where i'm living right now, that's an understatement :D

my blog disappeared from your blogroll!! :'(

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