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It's like the title says...

Knowing me!

I assume / presume I know me.
So everything should proceed according to plan. But I surprise myself sometimes.

I had planned a day out (on Sunday) since wifey as earning some brownie points at work.... I had this whole day planned out.... yet I stayed home... doing HOME IMPROVEMENT!!

Most time I want to explode like a fire-cracker when my ranking superior prods me. The NORMAL me.. would let him have it. But  I exercise restraint (mostly), put on a smile saying I will do the needful and then proceed ahead bye willfully letting go! One day I shall atom bomb him!!

I like appreciation (esp when I get the job done in an out of the way manner). I don’t dig pesky bosses who sit on my shoulders and pee into my ear. It sets me off. They feel the whiplash - but persist!

I like getting things done. It’s just so me. So why do I resist persuasion and that pushy attitude to get stuff done. I know it’s got to be done. But I don’t like being micro-managed.

I like to finish stuff in a timely manner. It gives me a sense of security and satisfaction. But sometimes I just leave stuff to the last minute.

I shout at some individuals (sometimes) and then forget that I was angry .. about 5 minutes later. I can transition from anger to nonchalance and vice versa without the slight angst associated with inertial frames. I don’t keep much in the mind - never believed in vengeance. The good lord is always looking over such stuff. So I surprise myself when I somehow recollect a vague incident from a time long long time ago and use that as a basis for being vindictive.

I’m not what I was sometime back...!
That sometime could be a decade, a year, a month... or a duration of a few days. Change is so fast and complete.. that there’s no time to sit and contemplate!
I did love it though :-)

Ab kya hua? Kya bola?

nothin much has to's just this whole CHANGE thing in life....

I guess you should have titled the blog as "being pissed off for my own HOLY reasons"


knowing you!!

does anyone know themselves? really?

Seriously Johnny.... I ain't pissed off with me or the world.. just wondering...

Yes Joiedevivre.... knowing me.... and in continuatio..Sam - I don't know me completely - but I like to believe I do.

So everytime I surprise myself - i enlighten myself

we think we can plan our lives, we think we know who we r, we think we r sure of wuts gonna happen etc etc but everything happens the way it has its own plans for us.


Are you talking about me?

I'm talking about me..... :-)

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