Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Keep the faith!!

Sometimes it's easy to believe that the lord has turned away....
.... That he has shown us his back!!
It's so easy to let the frowns crowd our face and the tears begin their journey south.
We cry when we could be smiling!
It's then that I remember to keep the flame alive....
... and see the light within!!

I like the diya :)

after 3 months in the US, finally went searching for a temple. made a two hour journey to Chicago and then a 3 hour journey to the temple in the horrible midwest winter all for the sake of faith!

have tagged you on my blog. my very first tag. please please respond! was right here watching it on American television as it happened. It was a brilliant moment. :)

Have tagged you. My first tag. So please to do the needful :D

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