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The early Memories!!

I've been tagged by the Goddess and here's my two cents worth!!

Your oldest memories (not necessarily in chronological order):

Being informed that I had been given a great 3rd birthday gift .... a lil sister (she's born 3yrs and a day to my birth).
Getting beaten up by my sister Tina when she was 2 & I was 5. Yes - the same birthday gift.
Running helter-skelter on dad's ship.
Always paing more attention to the girls when playing doctor- doctor!!!

What were you doing ten years ago?
That would be me at 21.
So i was in the final year of engineering. Making plans for getting out of college, finding a job and hitching up with the sweetheart from then. I was definitely having a great time with loads of masti and very lil in terms of academic output.

Your first thought in the morning:
If I had a gun - i'd go and shoot those terrorists myself!!
A part of me dies everytime there's an incident like this .
If you build a time capsule what would it contain?

My 250gig portable HDD
My Mac
The letters that sups has written to me
The albums I've made with memories from all phases of my development
My superman underwear

This year…
I'm gonna work with a clean mind and heart.... for this last month of the year!!
Next year I plan to have a blast!!
What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?

Time to tag some folks here.
- Supriya
- Keshi
- Johnnyyyyy
- Rachita
- Arnie

that makes johnny doubly tagged!

yes - but i doubt he will respond to either!!!

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