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Arjun in Germany - Part 2

Wednesday, November 19 – Medica Day 1
7:00 AM
Time to get ready and head out for some real’s really cold here but we are well covered. The trains are full choc-a-bloc and it’s almost like being in a Mumbai local with the difference that people around you are mostly fair skinned!!
The room with a view from the Hotel Quadenhof
 All dressed up and nowhere to go
10:00 AM
The first inquiries are in and business has begun
 Our Stall - Hall 3 - F10
6:30 PM
Time to head out for some of the good times. The crowd is worse since everyone gets off the exhibition at the same time and most head in the same general direction. I get the train - the rest of them will have to wait for the next one. The train is a tight fit and the PYT behind me has her head on my shoulder...just for that one instant before the wedding ring kicks in.
City Lights - Jan Wellem Platz

8:00 PM
Got some of that shopping done. Mostly clothes, a few knick-knacks and a LEGO for my photography. Germany is frightfully expensive and I’m only looking for stuff that I wouldn’t get back home. Also - most of the shops shut their doors at 8PM and are pretty strict about it.
9:00 PM
Quick couple of drinks at this bar and the England-Germany match reaches an end. When in germany cheer for the germans... even though they lost!! The highlight was a pole dance by this woman in really skimpy clothing right at eye level. Quite an eyeful that. It was a pleasant surprise... though nothing more came of it!! The feet are sore from all the walking and i do believe it’s time to call it a night. There’ll be more exploration to do in the days ahead.
Try the local ALT (beer). This one is the most readily available!

Thursday, November 20 – Familarity
7:48 AM
I’ve chucked the coat tie routine for something more practical. My trusty red sweater and formal trousers! I’m at the booth in a hurry - so i can avoid the traffic and finish the pending job of entering yesterday’s visitors into my database. Makes the followup kinda easy.

10:00 am
There are a couple of good looking stalls around us with some good looking women in them. I do believe that SLOVAKIAN women have great faces, some POLEs have good legs (Though not so much in the facial dept) and then there are the Spaniards.... overall 9/10!!!(no pics here.... cos I must remain the married man)
Time for a hot dog lunch (American style) with extra mustard and a beer to wash it all down!!
06:30 PM - 11:00 PM
Time to call it a day and head off to ALSTADT. That’s the area where all the fun is and the shopping too. I get to the shops after negotiating a lot of hardships and traffic.... to realize that they’ve shut. I did like going into the 4 storeyed bookstore (with all texts in GERMAN). One observation is that the GERMANs are quite open about their sexuality and it’s not uncommon to walk into a convenience store and see lots of softcore stuff located quite conveniently.
4 storeyed book case.. and nothing for me to read (no comprende DEUTSCH)

Friday, November 21 – Tourism
07:00 AM
I left the hotel even earlier than yesterday. Lots of work to complete. In fact i was among the very first to enter the exhibition hall at 8:30.
Our Journey startpoint - Gerrasheim Rathaus! No scope for sunlight here.
 The long tunnel to Hall 3
10:00 AM
I’m still all alone. None of the others have come in as yet. I worry. and place a call!!
10:30 AM
The trio walk in. Jatin’s bag had been misplaced the night before and the polizei had to be brought it. Trust the germans with their organized effectiveness to locate the bag and email Jatin in the morning that they’d found it.
06:00 PM
Work as usual for the hard working folks from J.MITRA!! I leave early to catch up on some leftover shopping from yesterday. Maybe this time I shall be in with some luck.
 The menu card at the roadside PUB.... nothing roadside about those prices!!
Great shopping ideas... but the prices are pricey!
9:00 PM
Hunger and thirst pangs. Time to try out the local beverages. This time it’s a HOT WINE which is like - WOW!! I’ve got on my new jacket and a local OLD lady takes a shine to it (hopefully not me). She’s obviously drunk a lot already. I oblige her with one photograph before hurrying off to a rump steak dinner and some of the local ALT. It’s started snowing... and this is my first time in the snow. It is windy at the ALSTADT (very close to the river RHINE) and the flurries race in to meet the unready traveller. Guess it’s time to head home.
 My JD & COKE!!


SMM said…
people this is the leather jacket that I gifted Arjun (or rather told him to buy it as a gift from me in Germany :)

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