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it's still not over

50 hours on....
The fire rages on!!!

The Taj situation is still unresolved. The NSG is still attempting to clear the Taj. Speculation is rampant on why they're still waiting to execute the final attack. I believe some people are still trapped and the terrorists are well entrenched well.

I pray...
Today a senior from school was notified deceased. He was with his wife at the Oberoi. I didn't know him personally. But the pain is there.

38 hours and counting!!

Actually it's been over 38 hours now. The end is still nowhere in
sight. The hostage drama is still unfolding and I'm sitting glued to
the tv set.

The blame game has already begun. People call it an intelligence
failure. They question our ability to handle such situations. I ask
them bit one question - could all the technology of the west prevent
9/11 or a 7/7?

I see the funeral pyres of our soldiers being lit. Of the innocent bystanders caught in the cross fire.

I have been an unofficial student of intelligence warfare for the last ten years or so. It would have been close to impossible to predict and forestall this attack unless we had HUMINT in place. That again is
a very tall order here.

India is the number one target for terrorist attacks in the world today accounting for 10% of global casualties in 2007.

We need to put on a strong front and take the war to the homes and families of these terrorists. Call it an eye for an eye. I'm willing to fake a few lives and play …

The early Memories!!

I've been tagged by the Goddess and here's my two cents worth!!

Your oldest memories (not necessarily in chronological order):
Being informed that I had been given a great 3rd birthday gift .... a lil sister (she's born 3yrs and a day to my birth).
Getting beaten up by my sister Tina when she was 2 & I was 5. Yes - the same birthday gift.
Running helter-skelter on dad's ship.
Always paing more attention to the girls when playing doctor- doctor!!!

What were you doing ten years ago? That would be me at 21. So i was in the final year of engineering. Making plans for getting out of college, finding a job and hitching up with the sweetheart from then. I was definitely having a great time with loads of masti and very lil in terms of academic output.
Your first thought in the morning: If I had a gun - i'd go and shoot those terrorists myself!! A part of me dies everytime there's an incident like this . If you build a time capsule what would it contain?
My 250gig portabl…

One drop of blood at a time

A nation of a billion souls is dying..... one drop of blood at a time.
This time it is the Deccan Mujahideen in Mumbai. Earlier it was the Islamic Security Force-Indian Mujahedeen in Guwahati.
We watch it on the idiot box, read it on the internet and I wonder if any place is safe. Is there any safe time to do anything. Leopolds  (AKA LEOs) was my favorite hangout in Mumbai. Today it is the scene of a terror attack. For me - terror started in 1993, when my ICSE papers finished and the bombs went off outside. I haven't been much useful thereafter in this fight.

90 folks dead, 275 injured this time around.

The end is nowhere in sight.
It hurts!

Arjun in Germany - Part 3

The snow covered ground.... it's my first time
Saturday, November 22 – The finale is near
09:00 AM
A low business day as most of the folks prefer to go elsewhere and have some fun. We are at work as usual. However the crowds are low - so I get time to chronicle the last few days. This is the day when most exhibitors visit each others' stands and get to understand the competition!!
Not too many footfalls so I have time for a DONER KEBAB from HALL 2. It’s a long cold walk , filled with the cold wind blowing across the RHINE. Chills a man to the bone... and baldness ain't helping too much here!
It’s close to pack-up time as the show end at 5:00 PM exactly. Many of the exhibitors have already started the task of taking things apart. We’ll wait for a bit since there ain’t too much packing to do.

Our neighbors from ACCUTECH  The DIAGNOSTIC trio - Jatin, Shivy and me!! 05:30PM
Pack-up completed. We’re on the way to the hotel to dump the luggage, lighten the load and t…

Arjun in Germany - Part 2

Wednesday, November 19 – Medica Day 1
7:00 AM
Time to get ready and head out for some real’s really cold here but we are well covered. The trains are full choc-a-bloc and it’s almost like being in a Mumbai local with the difference that people around you are mostly fair skinned!!
The room with a view from the Hotel Quadenhof  All dressed up and nowhere to go 10:00 AM
The first inquiries are in and business has begun
 Our Stall - Hall 3 - F10 6:30 PM
Time to head out for some of the good times. The crowd is worse since everyone gets off the exhibition at the same time and most head in the same general direction. I get the train - the rest of them will have to wait for the next one. The train is a tight fit and the PYT behind me has her head on my shoulder...just for that one instant before the wedding ring kicks in.
City Lights - Jan Wellem Platz
Christmas celebrations have started at Altstadt 8:00 PM
Got some of that shopping done. Mostly clothes, a few knick-knacks and a LEGO for m…

Arjun in Germany - Part 1

MEDICA - the worlds largest medical exhibition. Our Company is an exhibitor here.....

Our story begins a day before!!!

Monday, November 17 – VISA TIME
08:30 AM
The entire family has been granted visas for the visit. Arjun is the odd one out since it’s his first trip to the EU. The visa fellas at the German embassy had graciously granted an interview date for 2nd December 2008 against a scheduled visit from 18-23rd November. How perfectly bureaucractic!!
The fates have intervened and repeated requests have shifted the date to the day before the travel. Interview time is 45 minutes away.
09:45 AM
One look, one puppy face,a play of a smile and the visa is granted. Though he will have to return in person to collect it at 2PM. Methinks it was the glasses and his Mohandas Karamchand gandhi look that finally clinched it!!
05:00 PM
Arjun quits work to finish that last minute shopping. It’s funny how all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle come together when ONE key piece falls into place. Suddenly a…

Keep the faith!!

Sometimes it's easy to believe that the lord has turned away.... .... That he has shown us his back!!
It's so easy to let the frowns crowd our face and the tears begin their journey south. We cry when we could be smiling!
It's then that I remember to keep the flame alive.... ... and see the light within!!

Vice and ME!!

...a practice or habit considered immoral, depraved, and/or degrading in the associated society. In more minor usage, vice can refer to a fault, a defect, an infirmity or merely a bad habit. Synonyms for vice include fault, depravity, sin, iniquity, wickedness and corruption.

I love my vices
I revel in my wickedness
I thrive on sin
I am .. despite my faults.
Maybe you don't.

But they're an integral part of me and tend to color my character in shades of grey - no blacks and whites here!!
My vices are not intended to disturb others. But I can't help it if you get in the way.
My consicence allows me a stretch of liberty and I utilize it.

One may like it - or one may lump it.
Mostly I wish that peace be upon you.

A lil bit of this and a lil bit of that

These last few weeks have been a potpourri of events at work. They've kept me tongue tied, feet tied, blog tied and basically kept me away from my favourite activities such as having fun.

No doubt this medicine (hard work) will serve me well in the long run and keep me free from illness in the world of financial crisis. But it's still medicine.

I am planning to go to Germany come the 18th November, but that plan is currently in a bit of a conundrum as the German embassy (peace be on their souls) has granted me a visa interview date for 2nd December. It seems there has been a speeding up of their parallell universe vis-a-vis my own. So they're so far ahead in time that I seemed to have missed the boat :-)
Well hope floats - so i'm hopeful (though not too enthu about it that things will resolve themselves and I will still go).
Actually I'd much prefer to stay here!!

The winters are coming in and the warm clothes are coming out. The weather however is still a lil bit …

Knowing me!

I assume / presume I know me.
So everything should proceed according to plan. But I surprise myself sometimes.

I had planned a day out (on Sunday) since wifey as earning some brownie points at work.... I had this whole day planned out.... yet I stayed home... doing HOME IMPROVEMENT!!

Most time I want to explode like a fire-cracker when my ranking superior prods me. The NORMAL me.. would let him have it. But  I exercise restraint (mostly), put on a smile saying I will do the needful and then proceed ahead bye willfully letting go! One day I shall atom bomb him!!

I like appreciation (esp when I get the job done in an out of the way manner). I don’t dig pesky bosses who sit on my shoulders and pee into my ear. It sets me off. They feel the whiplash - but persist!

I like getting things done. It’s just so me. So why do I resist persuasion and that pushy attitude to get stuff done. I know it’s got to be done. But I don’t like being micro-managed.

I like to finish stuff in a timely manner. …