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O Calcutta!!

Wife and me are currently in Kolkata at her ancestral house. We came over from Delhi on 4th Oct to celebrate the final days of the Annual Durga Puja here.
Someone called it the RIO CARNIVAL of the eastern atmosphere. It has lived u to it's top billing.
Today the goddess returns to her abode. We return tomorrow.

Then it's back to the grind as we cope with pending work, crappy pressures before Diwali is upon us.
I've been quite active for the last 4 days with my camera. The photographs are all up on Facebook.
Thought I'd share the links with you here.

Day 1 Pics
This was a family day as we did our annual meeting with aunts and their kids. I met my HALF GHARWALIS after a year...till we meet again - next year.
Oh & before I forget - we got our marriage registered too. Offically I'm now a confirmed employee. I was on probation and on successful completon of the same ... I'm now offically an ASST MGR at the MAULICK-MAHAJAN household.

Day 2 Pics
The day when we ventured out and visited various pandals in the city. Since we stay in North Kolkata (Salt Lake) we ventured out to JODHPUR PARK, BADAAMTALA, PARK CIRCUS & a very quaint/stylish lil setup at GOLAPARA in the bylanes of TANGRA.
It was crowded and the traffic was like a snail that had got stuck in a morass.

But we persevered!

I was rewarded by some good night shots, a bottle of cold beer  and a succulent beef steak at MOCAMBO CAFE in Park Street.
Tis' the life to lead!!

Day 3 Pics
This day was earmarked for local rumination. I always believe that the actual community feeling that is Durga Puja is more prevalent in the local areas rather than in the pandals infested by politicians, filmstars and the like. The local puja ceremonies were more lively, warm and creative.
I even tried some of the local PAAN (betel leaves). Quite a steal at Rs.5!!!

We went over to ger Aunts place in the evening and got our autographed copies of the latest album by Samarjit Pisho (uncle). He sings Modern Bengali (akin to INDIPOP) and his latest album - Tinjan Aladin was just out. It's nice - racy - go listen to it!

We caught up with a home Puja late in the evening at Anjan Kakus place and closed the day with some good scotch!

Day 4 Pics
The day when tourism ruled. We hit the Victoria Memorial at 11AM, raided Pallavis house or BANGLA food thereafter and then proceeded to catch up on some of the more interestign Pandals that had hitherto been given the miss.

We even left our call signs at the Pandal in SANTOSHPUR... designed as a carnival by Susanta Pal for the school kids. This was one cool Pandal, reflecting the freshness of childhood. It was colorful and innovative and had us oohing and aahing!

Happy Dassehra......!!

I'm here.... all tired out... but looking forward to coming back next year for Puja!!

wow it seems lots of fun, colors, food, awesome decoration!
I hope i will have some celebrations like that when i m coming to India :)



Wah! Someone had lotsa fun while visiting his sasural while celebrating the Godesses's visit to her Maayka!

well... it was one great 5 days that we spent in Kolkata.. can't wait to get back!!

Made me feel nostalgic...couldnt get much of pujo this year :(

Gr8 pictures :)we sure had loads not lots of fun so asche bochor abar hobe!

Hey Tina!!
Why did you miss Puja celebrations this year?

Yep - Pallavi...we had some great fun this time around!
We must do this more often!!

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