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Mission to MARS CH-2

The Martian night is setting. The JHINGA on watch is able to catch the silhouettes of X1T2 and KUKU. They're taking a group leak near the MILLENIUM BOVIS, their fast attack fighter.
The proximity sensors are in place and suddenly alarms go off and the JHINGA designated JH1 puts his wrong foot forward.
Time to take of the K-Gloves and give them a taste of JHINGA bubble power!! The BOVIS' automated defense systems come into play... but she can only hold them at bay for so long
The bubbles strike hard and the engines take twin BUB-hits!
The effect is cascading and instantaneous
X1T2 and KUKU make a jump for it!! Not really much they can do here to salvage the situation!
They put out a mARTIAN SOS ( fspspspspsp) and guess who's in the neighborhood!
It's our very own Spaceman ZORG!!
He'd been busy on the mines on the other side of the planet collecting lovely lil gems for his babe earthside, when the fsdspspsp message came in. Got there in time to see the main reactor blow. His blaster is lil defense against Mutant bubbles - but the missile will come in handy now!!

Time to light up the AX-1 and give those whoever they are (JHINGAs) a taste of the future! 
It's also time to find out the real culprit here cos the BOVIS was well concealed.
The traitor has to be from within....!
ZORG has it in for the greeen fella.... and when things get out of hand....blasts are exchanged....

I'll be X1T2s body incinerates and his soul escapes to the outer atmosphere!!
I'll be waiting for you!

NEXT : The revenge of the JHINGAS!!

Baap re baap!
Yeh mission series kab end hogi?

There's no end to the stars, to EKTA KAPOORs serials and to my imagination!!!


OMG! Shudn't miss Clone wars!

I wanna reach the Stars? :) Nice!

yes the Sky is the limit...


TY Priyanka!!
Yes - trying to get my hands on a dvd of the clone wars.

TY Keshi :-)
Always a pleasure to read your comments and posts. I wanna reach the stars too... but i'll probably climb everest before that. wars. I want a guest appearance as the beautiful princess :P

Im not sure if I wanna climb the Everest tho...cos I dun like freezing other probs at all, cos Im quite FIT. lol!


smm.... I'm sorry.. you can't be princess LEIA..... cos' I'm luke Skywalker.....!!

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