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Happy Diwali...

For all our online friends...... thank you for being there...for sharing and for caring....
Here's hoping you all have a peaceful and smile filled DIWALI... with lotsa light and not too much noise....

topsy turvy

I’m starting to disbelieve.
My mind is in a spin and it’s currently doing about 7Gs!!
Somehow the feeling of what’s going to happen next is eating away at me. My responsibilities as a householder, as a son, as a brother, as an employee are suddenly looking so heavy.
That optimism that is traditionally me is evaporating. I must be doing it all wrong cos’ nothing feels right.

I was extremely positive, happy and content as the day began. The shift in polarity or should I say pole reversal happened in the evening. My self worth is currently way down and it’s not because of Lehmann Brothers. But a brother it is.

Sometimes we get angry and say things we shouldn’t. Those are explainable to a host of factors. Sometimes we smile and say things that cut like a knife - in this case those words drained me in minutes.
After all the effort of the last 2 years, it has finally come to this.

He believes I’m not serious - I disagree.
He is a control freak - I am not (though I do keep track)
We’re res…

Diwali is almot here!!

My 2nd Favorite festival is almost upon us!!
I love the play of lights and Dad's amazing biryani!!
.... I also like winning at cards!!

But this year.. unlike previous ones.... we shall not be celebrating it as ACTIVE participants.... cos grandaddy expired early this year.. .and we're technically in mourning!
So we won't burst crackers....

... yes we miss him.. but life goes on.... so it must!
I read this post by KESHI talking about change.. and accepting change!
So we accept the fact that he is not with us any more, but we hold back on life.

I'm a lil confused.

Donate Blood - Save A life....

This may come in handy.. one day!!
Donate Blood.. save a life..... maybe your own!!
I did my bit.... have you done yours???

Being Normal...

Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work and driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for - in order to get to the job you need to pay for the clothes and the car, and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it.

So spoketh Goodman..... yep.. that's literally what ELLEN GOODMAN said one day.
We keep repeating it ever so often!

Dang - Don't you hate being branded as NORMAL......leading normal lives.... earning normalized salaries.... with normal spouses.... in normal houses...doing normal things..raising kids the normal way... and doing our normal cribbing....

Luckily no one makes that mistake with me.... !!

.... and then I see WONDER YEARS.. who has picked up the same quote.... BEFORE ME..... and written a short writeup as I did.... on her blog!!

.. no I didn't copy from her... but I am amazed at .....the coincidence.....

Mission to MARS CH-2

The Martian night is setting. The JHINGA on watch is able to catch the silhouettes of X1T2 and KUKU. They're taking a group leak near the MILLENIUM BOVIS, their fast attack fighter.
The proximity sensors are in place and suddenly alarms go off and the JHINGA designated JH1 puts his wrong foot forward.
Time to take of the K-Gloves and give them a taste of JHINGA bubble power!! The BOVIS' automated defense systems come into play... but she can only hold them at bay for so long
The bubbles strike hard and the engines take twin BUB-hits!
The effect is cascading and instantaneous
X1T2 and KUKU make a jump for it!! Not really much they can do here to salvage the situation!
They put out a mARTIAN SOS ( fspspspspsp) and guess who's in the neighborhood!
It's our very own Spaceman ZORG!! He'd been busy on the mines on the other side of the planet collecting lovely lil gems for his babe earthside, when the fsdspspsp message came in. Got there in time to see the main reactor blow. …

O Calcutta!!

Wife and me are currently in Kolkata at her ancestral house. We came over from Delhi on 4th Oct to celebrate the final days of the Annual Durga Puja here.
Someone called it the RIO CARNIVAL of the eastern atmosphere. It has lived u to it's top billing.
Today the goddess returns to her abode. We return tomorrow.

Then it's back to the grind as we cope with pending work, crappy pressures before Diwali is upon us.
I've been quite active for the last 4 days with my camera. The photographs are all up on Facebook.
Thought I'd share the links with you here.

Day 1 Pics
This was a family day as we did our annual meeting with aunts and their kids. I met my HALF GHARWALIS after a year...till we meet again - next year.
Oh & before I forget - we got our marriage registered too. Offically I'm now a confirmed employee. I was on probation and on successful completon of the same ... I'm now offically an ASST MGR at the MAULICK-MAHAJAN household.

Day 2 Pics
The day when we vent…

Mission to MARS CH-1

The adventures of Spaceman ZORG..... a relative of spaceman SPIFF from C&H

The first MANNED MARS mission landed with some difficulty... apparently the red planet ain't so red after all. More like a milky white. It's the diffraction of light thru the atmosphere is what is causing this redness... and to think they had us fooled
The terrain is rough but the BUGSYMARS is able to handle this kind of stuff.... till the CHINESE made parts kick in. Chinese wheels , Japanese driver,  American flag and  German engineering...... yes das auto and all dat!
But ZORG is in a bt of a spot... and the auxiliary engine ain't kicking in..... He wonders if there's a gas station around..... damn! They said this place was uninhabited... i wonder where the green men have gone to!!
I don't like the look of this funny fellow. Why don't you go and give him a SPfffff ( Martian for HELLO, Pat on the back etc etc). So of goes X1T2 at the behes of the great lord Kuku!

 Zorg has his helmet …