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Thank You!!

It’s been a long day. I’m quite happy at the end of it.
At the end of 31 years - i had 268 people and some who remembered my birthday
Now - it may not be a great thing if I were a rockstar. But I’m not one.

I’m just me.

Simple, stupid me!!

I got the greetings in all forms. Some calls, SMSes, emails, SCRAPS, WALL POSTS, MESSAGES, BLOG COMMENTS, 2 e-cards and 1 normal old fashioned greeting card..... But you know what - It felt great that folks made the effort to communicate.

I won’t take names this time around. But for me - each of those 268 people across the world is special now. SOme more special than the others - but special all the same.

I feel like a superstar.
Than you all for making my special day really really special!

This is such an awww post...

You ARE a superstar, yes. For us.

With love and hugs. :)

hehe great to see u had so much fun :)


Yes keshi - we had fun :-)

you're a superstar too!!!

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