Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

SuperX is here!!

The new generation SuperHero .. X is here!!
He's one of us....
Wears his underwear inside too!
He looks at the world thru shades of red and blue and maintains the smile come what may!.

He hates politicians and is not sworn to NOT taking life. We considers Politicians and corrupt folks as the lowest form of vermin. Is sworn to exterminating them.

He wishes he could fly.. but walking will do for now.
His secret identity is that of ... well that's a secret!!

More... later!!!

The best part is that he can see in 3D!!!

Superhero and Chaddi inside pant??? Not cool :))

he he, so what superpowers has he?


ooh lala! I wish I had superpowers too :(


Hey if this Suprehero can fly, we'd cut our travel time soooo much

TY Monkeeboi!!
Yes - he can see in 3d with X-Ray vision!!!
If he was younger... he'd be into lotsa interesting stuff!!

Thanks HolyT!!
Chaddi.... as in underwear.... is not so stylish outside... esp since he wears leopard prints!!

Well Cess... he has a multitude of powers.... apart from the standard suite that comes with most superheroes.... he's like APPLE... can't do FLIGHT bit... but everything else is aesthetically pleasing!!

He can see 3d... x-ray.... power punches to the groin... has a cape that hides him when things get tough... has a lawyer wife to sue errant officials and loan crazy bankers... etc etc

TY keshi!!
we all have super powers.. just look around to discover them!!

Hey SMM.. like I said he can't fly... but he ain't SuperEX for nothin..... if you know what i mean!!

Nope i don't. care to Xplain Mr. SuperEX :P

aww.. sooper :)
sooo does he have a secret fly-by-night room as well?
or, is his wife chaining his undiez to their bedroom?:;)

love the 3d glasses :)

SMM.. wait till the evening to know more!!

TY Jane.. he does have his version of the FORTRESS OF ICE.... although ice was a lil on the costlier side!!

His wife is not an UNDIE chainer.... but... she has other means of controlling his flight path!!

haha Jane u funny gal!


no updates for awhile...


I've been a lil busy... working on a new story :-)

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