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The usually punctual house help has been missing from action over the weekend. She came in on time today with a sad and weather beaten face.
Her daughter is missing, she informed us.

The girl in question is a bright and chirpy 14 year old. Her name is Celina. Her family hails from Bangladesh - illegal migrants to India. The mother alleges that that the man who has taken her daughter away was a neighbor in their slum, here in Gurgaon. He sent his wife back to the village and has cajoled her daughter away.

It is now 48 hours since she went missing.
She didn't approach the law enforcement agencies - because no one would listen to her (being an alien in this country). She had no money to feed the official machinery to track down her daughter.

She doesn't say it. She knows the fate that has been destined for her. The flesh trade is real. I consulted my father who has been in law enforcement for whatever advice was worth. Over the telephone - he could offer no ray of hope. We in turn had no ray of hope to offer the mother. I didn't like this feeling of helplessness that stared me in the face.

She asked for some monetary help - which we provided (did nothing to lower the feeling of guilt). She refused still, to go to the police, knowing that they could do little. The victim and the criminal were long gone - and another number is added to the heavy statistics of human trafficking.

Yes - we went through this on Sunday morning (tears and all)- but the skeptic in me wonders if I've been hoodwinked. I've written off the money. I wonder if she has written off her child.

Shucks...i wish we could do u think it would be of any help if y guys approach the police along with her?

well, i'm a skeptic too :(
but in this case, i'm sitting on the fence- difficult to decide :(

14 year ol'--> it it's true, it is really horrifying though :(

omg is this a TRUE story???? I cant believe it Arjun!!!!!! I feel so useless, not being able to help.


Yes Keshi - this one is true. It happened last morning when the Maidservant and dropped the bombshell.....

She came in the morning today. Totally expressionless.

Thanks Asha!
Yeah - would have liked to go and help her - but her being a Bangladeshi - wouldn't have been any help!!

Thanks Jane!
Fence sitting ... hmm!!!

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