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Small is BIG!!

It was a chance turning on of the idiot box that we bumped into THE ANT BULLY!!
This is an amazing feel-good film. The day's stress simply vanished and we were smiling all through.

Makes me wonder.... why I killed so many "GOOD" ants as a child!!!

cute :)


Thanks Keshi!!

Yup it really was a cute movie which is why I have asked you to hunt for the CD/ DVD

yeyyyy I see ur award woohoo!

btw come n check out my doc's pic.


Yeah i wud luv to see this movie then, i hav fond memories of playing with ants when i was a child. I used to follow the trail and see where it used to end. It was like i being on a treasre hunt. :P

me too... i used to pretend they were monsters and then like the kid in this film, i'd NUKE em!!

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