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The sibling gains a year!

Happy Birthday Tina!

My sibling Tina. She was born 3 years and a few hours from my birthing day! She celebrates her birthday on September the 13th ... each year!

Technically just a day apart - the stars were aligned differently. So while we’re both Virgos and we have a few traits in common - we’re essentially different!! Maybe that’s why we’re able to understand each other so well. 

It’s difficult to characterize ours as the ULTRA traditional brother - sister relationship. Ours is a complex relation - with portions of love, caring, empathy, respect, space, anger and most of all understanding!

She’s not here with us .. even as we cut her cake! She’s in LA, happily married settling down to a different kind of life. We miss her as I’m sure she does in reverse. We always celebrated together. The boys from my side and the girls from her. By the time we came to teenage - i had slipped away from home. But we would meet..  mostly on our birthdays, despite the fact that our cities were different. She is my shoulder to lean on, my storage chamber for all secrets dark & deep, my friend who knocks some sense into me - and i love the way she croons arzooooooooooonnnnn over the phone when i call up early in the morning  (it’s evening here in India then).

I remember our childhood - when, despite being younger - she would beat me up. In fact my passport states that I have a distinguishing mark - which was courtesy her too. All that fighting - and oh before you ask - we still fight , shut the door on each other and will have a difference of opinion within 10 minutes of onset of  communication, But it’s different when we’re separated across oceans - so we use that time to talk productively - rather than scrap.

Born a day after my 3rd birthday, she's my most special and long lasting birthday gift ever....
With Tina and Supriya (30-11-07). Her wedding day!
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Please explain!!

Btw Tina got married on 30.12.2007 not 30.11.2007

Hey I guess I missed your birthday.

So belated birthday wishes!!!

And your sister looks very pretty. :) Birthday wishes to her too!

Your childhood story reminds me of the siblings (Aditi-Amit) in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na!

Happy Bday to ur sis!

Wow u all look so good!


Thanks to all on Tinas behalf.....!!

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