Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

one life !

We only live once!!

I contemplated on the title of this post. It was not designed to be about WE... actually .. inversely... ME!
But "I'm living this one life" v/s the current title seemed like a no-brainer.

So here I am on this nice , warm, fuzzy Sunday night wondering about the direction and flow of this "one" life. These last 24 hours.... bomb blasts.... human trafficking have definitely hit home.

Suddenly everything seems so frail!
I've been around for 31 years(+). Now I want to make a difference. But I'm stuck cos' I dunno where to start. There's just this one life to live. I like my luxuries. And I want to help too. I'm not completely unselfish. So i'm not completely honest sometimes. A hypocrite at times - yes - it's not easy being honest and confessing to being the villain of the piece! I felt bad that a girl's life was ruined today. but that didn't stop me from going out and having a good time with my folks. I felt bad about the bomb blasts and sympathetic too. But i went and downed 7 B-52 shots like I could absorb all bomb blasts. (FYI - the B-52 is a heavy bomber from the WW2 era).
I'm not going to generalize and say that WE do/donot do something/anything. This is not a mouthpiece for voicing politically correct concerns. This is also not a forum where i feel the urge to talk about world peace. We came IN with our destinies. Some choices were made along the way. So we eat fruit of suffer. I'm sorry for feeling sorry for all those sorry folks out there who cannot defend themselves. if I cannot take care of me, no more cribbing about it. But if you can't take care of yourself then such is your life. No more good samaritan.

As far as I'm concerned losers will always be losers. I've no time for altruistic measures in life. This life is now, henceforth dedicated to me. I have no saintly aspirations - so no St.Arjun.

Heck I'm only going to live once. I will not hurt anyone knowingly. I will be fair. I will remain strong.

This is my life!!!

AND FOR THE LOSERS... stay away!!!

This is such an inspirational post at the wake of the horrible blasts.

Such things make us take a good look at ourselves, and this post made me think alot.

Life is so very fragile...we may be here today, gone tomorrow. So lets not hurt one another and live in the moment. Some ppl find it so very hard to do that simple job.

**losers will always be losers

I so agree! We can never change them cos they will never u'stand us. So best we live life to the fullest and just do our bit.

And u r great, even tho ur not a Saint :)...cos ur a GOOD humanbeing...a title that not many ppl wud be able to claim.


Thanks a ton keshi!
I write as i feel.
I do as i feel.
I have but me to fall back on...

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