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Dear mr.balla thakerbray,

Greetings from an indian citizen. I'm not Maaharashtrian. I'm purely Indian. Just one amongst the crores. I can speak in English, hindi, punjabi. I understand marathi, though. So i was able to understand your nephews bluster on national television.

Please note that hindi is our national language and is suitable for public communication within the boundaries of this nation. Mumbai, as far as i know is still in India. So please explain the same to your nephew.

Secondly, in a democratic nation, communication is free. That's the reason we're putting up with your shit. It sounds bad when i say the word. Just imagine a grown man shitting in public when he makes the kind of statements like your nephew.

I expected much more from a man of your stature. You should have taught him better. One of these days someone else might do the needful.

I believe you're a reasonable man, as some well informed folks tell me. So this policy me divisiveness will not get you to the finish line. It may prove to be your Waterloo.

Best regards,
kickass Indian (yours is the ass on the line)

** I'm not Maaharashtrian. I'm purely Indian

well-said Arjun! That line itself says it all.

I hate it when ppl try to DIVIDE the already divided world!


... yeah and it's not even funny that people are listening to them and DOING their bidding!!

Very well said and well-written, Arjun!

Me Indian hote. Mee marathi bolte. me hindi va bangali pan bolte.

But I shall say so when I want to - not cuz some ass who desperately wants media attention so commands.

Thanks kavita!!

egggzzzactly my point SMM!!!

cos there r alot of Idiots on this Earth that hvnt met their embryonic needs. Sadly.


embryonic indeed!!!
(loud giggles)

lolz! such imp infantile needs r hard to be met when they r adults.


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