Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...


I wonder

Yes - I do a lot of wondering - eyes open and eyes closed. I have some answers too.

I wonder.....

when we will own a car. (Nov 08)
when someone will understand me.....
why we become normal within 2 days of a bomb blast...
why we make things bigger than they are and then we don't know how to handle them.
why I feel sad and then the eyes moisten .....despite all efforts to the contrary
why i follow the fleeting images of grandeur when all that is required is efficient simplicity.
how my money will multiply. (invest invest invest)
how my paunch will go down. (jog jog jog)
how much money is enough to live happily. (wrong question)
what is my calling in life. (Its definitely not selling HIV diagnostic kits)
what my children will think of me when I'm old and bald. (old farty geezer still thinks he is 18)
where I want to be 10 years from now....
who can help me get my bearings right. ( i keep looking for folks smarter than me but none seem to know)
what it'll be like to hold my daughter in my arms close to my heart.... even though I know that one day she'll go away.
what my parents think of me
if I will see great grand children. ( i soooooo wish they could play in my lap)
if there is anything like true love
if i'll go to hell or hell........

After all this wondering..remember..sometimes we plan, plan, plan and life has something completely different for us!

We often plan our life, but life has some other plans for us. Trust me, its like that all the time.

**when someone will understand me.....

Dun sweat abt one will, except ur own self. I learnt it the hard way. :)

Now I dun plan anything...I just live for TODAY.


Yes Sol.... plan plan plan... and then Murphy acts up!!

Yes Keshi.. only me understands me.. and sometimes that too is in doubt!!

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