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The Mahajan Family Newsletter - August 08

This was hitherto a PDF sent out to a select few. Starting this month, I shall be putting the newsletter on the blog in JPEG format - so it is accessible to a lot more of our friends!



i liked it. :-)
especially the birthday wish list heheh!

Thanks Utopia!!

I really found it hard to control the "WISHLIST"

This newsletter thing is so sweet. And creative. Do you do it every month? How cool! Can I copy?

Hey D!!

Yes - i do it every month.
I also take printouts on photo paper and have made an album for the same.

I take it as a compliment that you would wish to copy this concept. Be my guest. Lemme know if I can help

Check out the archives

how very creative!

btw I updated my award list last nite cos I had missed out some great bloggers' names in the midst of a memory crash - in my brain that is. lol! My sincere apologies. :)

So I invite u to come and accept ur award now!


Really amazing concept .. keep em coming :)

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