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It's like the title says...

just another year

Supriya has gone to sleep. She'd gotten tired after the hectic day. She has another one coming up in a feW HOURS.
I'm sitting in bed with the ear phones playing a sultry tune from Rock On. I'm amazed that i got so many messages and calls . Thank you tweety, tumpa, buli, tushar, johnny, runna, adrita pishi, priyanka, tia,chanchal , shirley, dravya, anshuman and my pals in blogville. Thanks Keshi, Ria, Amit
There's mom and dad, sups (my life), Nanda ma, sadhna aunty.... And my MVP - tina who i'm missing sooooo much.
I thought this would be just another year.... I stand corrected....this is gonna be a blast!!
Ps: I'll put up the pics in the morning after the cake is cut and i get to work.

..... that's the hours of sleep gone by!!!
.. It's mid morning now.
... Time I put up the snaps!!

I love the sword bit... when cutting my cake!!
With my life!!
I'm sure I will feel like a million dollars when I look back at today!!!

happy birthday!!


Wow lovely happy fun pics :) The cake looks delicious!

U and ur lovely (l)wife SMM look GREAT! SO beautiful together!

Glad to know u had a great time and also for sharing these pics with us today :)


Thanks Sam!!!

Thanks Keshi...
Yes the cake was a special - overdosed on chocolate.... and we loved it....
.... this was just the beginning.... the weekend is on!!

Happy Nappy Dayyyyyyy,....we can have something other than chinese for dinner. you can get beer elsewhere also

naah.. chinky food will do for me - easy to digest!!!

wowwwwwwwwwwww :)

i see that you're already the rock of a woman here :)

loved the sword bit the best :)
keep feeling the million dollars:)

Thanks Jane!
Yes - I'malready the rock of a woman....!!

Gawd! I'm so jealous. Me wants chocolate cake too. :(

Looks like you had a complete blast .. complete with blazing weapons to cut the cake :p :D


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