Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

for old times sake

It's nine pm. The bottle of jacobs creek chardonnay,2006 vintage is lying on the table - half full. Arnold is strutting his stuff on the telly asking the man for his clothes and his bike. The shades are a bonus.
John connor tells tod that the lady is not his mother and drives off... The rest is history!!
This is not about the women who have been in my life, as keshi requested. It's about how our experiences shape our thinking and our lives. I'm not gonna generalize. Lets just stick to me since i'm the villain of the piece.
So i'm the sum total of all that has passed before me. I hope it will take me as far as the next pitstop. There i will gather the troops again. It's like a video game and the next level has its own challenges..
But it always feels like deja vu.Then the next level is upon me.
We all do what we are programmed to do. So a terminator terminates. Any question to the obverse is replied to with a succinct why..
I'm a learner. Every twist and turn taught me a few plays of the hand till -the poker player arrived. James was not always the bond. He was normal once....
... But something about life bores me.

Do not fret. Life is like an amusement park. Some rides are bumpy, some scary, some thrilling, some mysterious, and some fun!

Partyyyyyyyyy....that should relieve the boredom :)

Thanks SMM....
lets party this weekend!!!

TY Sol
Yes life is an amusement park... It's just that I've gotten used to the bumpy rides and the jetstream going past my face.... dats why I said bored!!

I'm alwas looking for new challenges @work, @hobby... something new that I can learn and apply myself to.


**So i'm the sum total of all that has passed before me

beautifully put!

ur right...we keep learning with every experience and we never really stop learning. Til the day we die, we'll be learning.

**But something about life bores me

tell me abt it, I feel the same way :) o well, I guess we think and know too much.

*HUGZ* n ty for this post!


Yeah... The last sentence is soooo me right now.

TY Keshi!!
Thinkers have this problem... we analyze too deep.. and then the complex becomes banal!

Thanks Bla!
welcome to the BIG BORED CLUB!!

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