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Chrome is here!!

Google finally launched their CHROME web browser... for the PC
Download it here
I'm a fan of GOOGLE and their product lineup... can't wait for it on MAC!!

I like their basic something for the current set of requirements rather than add an extra option / functionality to existing behemoths. I mean - why not go for a new wardrobe.. instead of buying a couple of new shirts and then run around trying to match them to existing set of faded trousers!

I quite liked the 'faded' trousers analogy :D

Agree with you completely, I feel Google is working hard on being the pain that MS feels you know where. Just got the info from our IT head this morning!

Google is God, to me!


YES - MS is gonna feel the pain - you know where.
I moved on from MS to APPLE almost a year ago... now I feel weird when I have to use a PC sometimes!!

TY Keshi!
Yes - I wonder that if the GOOGLE SERVERs ever crash.... I'm gonna be in a whole lot of pain!

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