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It's like the title says...

Bubble wrap your life!

The child within invested in some BUBBLE solution today!
I’ve been blowing bubbles ever since.. and enjoying every second of it. Then I got Supriya into doing the same.

Life is akin to a bubble. It’s beauty is immense - if you want to see it.
When you blow - lots of bubbles are created. Some last longer than others - like opportunities, relationships, circumstances.

There are those bubbles which do not get past the stage of being conceived. Similarly, not every bright idea becomes a tree.Then there are those bubbles which by their destiny avoid running into household obstacles and are a delight to the naked eye.

Eventually bubbles collide and POP. They always leave a residue depending on the size and the surface. The things we say and do are like that. They always leave some residue and feelings depending on the communication and the person at the other end. Some marks are more difficult to erase than others.

Coming back to the child. Arjun the child started taking photographs of his bubbles - recording some for posterity. I thought I'll share them with you....

Go on. Take some time out... and blow your bubbles.

The trumpets will follow!!

Hey...this is as cute as it is intense :)

Thanks Priyanka!!!

I see the pug marks :-)

Wooo hoooo it was fun :0

very cute! never lose the KID in u.


Even my dad... enjoyed the Bubble blowing when he came over last morning..

Interestingly - we see the bubble maker and suddenly everyone wants to blow bubbles..

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