Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

The birthday week commences!!

oh - i'm almost 31!!

it thought I'd be feeling old... but no!
It's like having a goal... and getting there.... as long as you don't get there - you ain't old enough!

My goal is to never get old!
(at least not mentally)
Maybe one day I will mature, though!!

oh btw - i got my bday gift - the CANON EOS450D.... it's a kinda collective gift from all in the family!!
thank you
thank you...

more thank yous after I get the moolah!!

he he so hw does it feel to b on the other side of 30!? Btw wish u a very happy b'day!! :)

Thanks Ria.... still got a few days to go though (12th)

It feels great that I have all this unused creative energy within.. just waiting to be unleashed!

wow Happy 31st Arjun!

**My goal is to never get old!

way to go mate!

I dun think I'd ever grow old, cos Im always, I mean always, young at heart :)

Hot gift too!


on the 12th ha..ok :)


31 is not old! You still have a good 50 years to go before we can call you that!

Are you going to go click click click now?

Happy Birthday in advance!

TY Keshi!!!

Yep - the gift is hot!!!

Thanks Sol!
Yes - I go click click!!
I was always a paparazzo at heart.. now in actions too...

Im laffing so much at the pic u put up for this post hahahaha!

cmon ur not THAT old yet :)

Like Sol said, 31 is not that old! Here in Aus even 40s r considered young. so ur still a baby. be happy :)


guess what .. even when i'm 81... i will be behaving (and feeling) like i'm only 18!

Your only as old as you think you are...and you most of the time think your 3 jumping all around :P

I don't think I'm 3 .. like you keep telling me.... just feel like 3!!
i'm just the innocent one .. nice 'n timid...


Hee hooo haa haaa...timid and you most certainly do not go together in the same sentence. Stop bullshitting

I'm not TIMID TIMID.. as is naively timid... but I feel kinda timid.. most of the time!

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