Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Another Monday!

A new week begins....
the future beckons!

I'm home today. Wife not doing too well on the health front.
Hence the telecommute to work!

I wonder how I manage to get more work done from home than when I go to work. Is it the focussed approach or the greate number of distractions when I'm actually at work. We travel about 5 hours on a daily basis getting to and from work. That kinda saps the energy to a large extent. But there are few solutions there. A suitable via media has to be found to this problem.

I look around. The world is not at peace this week.
Bombings in Pakistan,  the Turkmenistan embassy seized in Paris, 12000 babies hospitalized in China, the South African& Israeli PMs resign, an Indian army jawan killed in Cross border firing.....
.. and this is just the start!
Try looking for patterns. It's like a descent into chaos.

I wonder what the future holds in store.

Happy Monday nevertheless Arjun! :) cos Im bak. HUGS n ty for ur kind words!


Welcome back Keshi Girl!!!
I trust you had a good hiatus

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