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SuperX is here!!

The new generation SuperHero .. X is here!!
He's one of us....
Wears his underwear inside too!
He looks at the world thru shades of red and blue and maintains the smile come what may!.

He hates politicians and is not sworn to NOT taking life. We considers Politicians and corrupt folks as the lowest form of vermin. Is sworn to exterminating them.

He wishes he could fly.. but walking will do for now.
His secret identity is that of ... well that's a secret!!

More... later!!!

My Random questions....

I was doing my daily blog surfing.... when I ran into Sols site and it pointed me here.
Put in 10 random friends' names and see the questions that come out....
It actually made me think... before I answered

What musical instrument would Amandeep most likely play?
the cello....

If Vishal were to be mistaken for a celebrity, who would it be?
.. pick out some chocolate face from TV, add a few dollops of waistline, nice smile and dats him!!

How would Shyamal insult Asha?
Eeks... they don't even know each other... as yet. But he cannot insult a woman... that's Shy!

Super fun fun adventure amusement park marathon with you, Amandeep and Shyamal! How will it go?
Now that's rocking.... and smokin.. although she'll take charge of the 2 of us...!!

Ranit just got vaporized in a freak accident. Now what?
NIIT shuts down their e-learning business!!

What would Ranit not be caught dead in?
a tux.... i've seen in most everything else!!

John got turned into an animal! What animal is i…

Bubble wrap your life!

The child within invested in some BUBBLE solution today!
I’ve been blowing bubbles ever since.. and enjoying every second of it. Then I got Supriya into doing the same.

Life is akin to a bubble. It’s beauty is immense - if you want to see it.
When you blow - lots of bubbles are created. Some last longer than others - like opportunities, relationships, circumstances.

There are those bubbles which do not get past the stage of being conceived. Similarly, not every bright idea becomes a tree.Then there are those bubbles which by their destiny avoid running into household obstacles and are a delight to the naked eye.

Eventually bubbles collide and POP. They always leave a residue depending on the size and the surface. The things we say and do are like that. They always leave some residue and feelings depending on the communication and the person at the other end. Some marks are more difficult to erase than others.

Coming back to the child. Arjun the child started taking photographs of hi…

Another Monday!

A new week begins....
the future beckons!

I'm home today. Wife not doing too well on the health front.
Hence the telecommute to work!

I wonder how I manage to get more work done from home than when I go to work. Is it the focussed approach or the greate number of distractions when I'm actually at work. We travel about 5 hours on a daily basis getting to and from work. That kinda saps the energy to a large extent. But there are few solutions there. A suitable via media has to be found to this problem.

I look around. The world is not at peace this week.
Bombings in Pakistan,  the Turkmenistan embassy seized in Paris, 12000 babies hospitalized in China, the South African& Israeli PMs resign, an Indian army jawan killed in Cross border firing.....
.. and this is just the start!
Try looking for patterns. It's like a descent into chaos.

I wonder what the future holds in store.


"Well, if you press me, I'd have to say freedom."
"The freedom to do what?" he (Didier) asked...
"I don't know. Maybe just the freedom to say no. If you've that much freedom, you really don't need any more."

Famous lines from Shantaram!!

But it basically boils down to the ability to say NO!!
Are you free?

I am...


I wonder

Yes - I do a lot of wondering - eyes open and eyes closed. I have some answers too.

I wonder.....

when we will own a car. (Nov 08)
when someone will understand me.....
why we become normal within 2 days of a bomb blast...
why we make things bigger than they are and then we don't know how to handle them.
why I feel sad and then the eyes moisten .....despite all efforts to the contrary
why i follow the fleeting images of grandeur when all that is required is efficient simplicity.
how my money will multiply. (invest invest invest)
how my paunch will go down. (jog jog jog)
how much money is enough to live happily. (wrong question)
what is my calling in life. (Its definitely not selling HIV diagnostic kits)
what my children will think of me when I'm old and bald. (old farty geezer still thinks he is 18)
where I want to be 10 years from now....
who can help me get my bearings right. ( i keep looking for folks smarter than me but none seem to know)
what it'll be like to …

The sibling gains a year!

Happy Birthday Tina!

My sibling Tina. She was born 3 years and a few hours from my birthing day! She celebrates her birthday on September the 13th ... each year!

Technically just a day apart - the stars were aligned differently. So while we’re both Virgos and we have a few traits in common - we’re essentially different!! Maybe that’s why we’re able to understand each other so well. 

It’s difficult to characterize ours as the ULTRA traditional brother - sister relationship. Ours is a complex relation - with portions of love, caring, empathy, respect, space, anger and most of all understanding!

She’s not here with us .. even as we cut her cake! She’s in LA, happily married settling down to a different kind of life. We miss her as I’m sure she does in reverse. We always celebrated together. The boys from my side and the girls from her. By the time we came to teenage - i had slipped away from home. But we would meet..  mostly on our birthdays, despite the fact that our cities were differ…

one life !

We only live once!!

I contemplated on the title of this post. It was not designed to be about WE... actually .. inversely... ME!
But "I'm living this one life" v/s the current title seemed like a no-brainer.

So here I am on this nice , warm, fuzzy Sunday night wondering about the direction and flow of this "one" life. These last 24 hours.... bomb blasts.... human trafficking have definitely hit home.

Suddenly everything seems so frail!
I've been around for 31 years(+). Now I want to make a difference. But I'm stuck cos' I dunno where to start. There's just this one life to live. I like my luxuries. And I want to help too. I'm not completely unselfish. So i'm not completely honest sometimes. A hypocrite at times - yes - it's not easy being honest and confessing to being the villain of the piece! I felt bad that a girl's life was ruined today. but that didn't stop me from going out and having a good time with my folks. I felt b…


The usually punctual house help has been missing from action over the weekend. She came in on time today with a sad and weather beaten face.
Her daughter is missing, she informed us.

The girl in question is a bright and chirpy 14 year old. Her name is Celina. Her family hails from Bangladesh - illegal migrants to India. The mother alleges that that the man who has taken her daughter away was a neighbor in their slum, here in Gurgaon. He sent his wife back to the village and has cajoled her daughter away.

It is now 48 hours since she went missing.
She didn't approach the law enforcement agencies - because no one would listen to her (being an alien in this country). She had no money to feed the official machinery to track down her daughter.

She doesn't say it. She knows the fate that has been destined for her. The flesh trade is real. I consulted my father who has been in law enforcement for whatever advice was worth. Over the telephone - he could offer no ray of hope. We in t…

Thank You!!

It’s been a long day. I’m quite happy at the end of it.
At the end of 31 years - i had 268 people and some who remembered my birthday
Now - it may not be a great thing if I were a rockstar. But I’m not one.

I’m just me.

Simple, stupid me!!

I got the greetings in all forms. Some calls, SMSes, emails, SCRAPS, WALL POSTS, MESSAGES, BLOG COMMENTS, 2 e-cards and 1 normal old fashioned greeting card..... But you know what - It felt great that folks made the effort to communicate.

I won’t take names this time around. But for me - each of those 268 people across the world is special now. SOme more special than the others - but special all the same.

I feel like a superstar.
Than you all for making my special day really really special!

just another year

Supriya has gone to sleep. She'd gotten tired after the hectic day. She has another one coming up in a feW HOURS.
I'm sitting in bed with the ear phones playing a sultry tune from Rock On. I'm amazed that i got so many messages and calls . Thank you tweety, tumpa, buli, tushar, johnny, runna, adrita pishi, priyanka, tia,chanchal , shirley, dravya, anshuman and my pals in blogville. Thanks Keshi, Ria, Amit
There's mom and dad, sups (my life), Nanda ma, sadhna aunty.... And my MVP - tina who i'm missing sooooo much.
I thought this would be just another year.... I stand corrected....this is gonna be a blast!!
Ps: I'll put up the pics in the morning after the cake is cut and i get to work.

..... that's the hours of sleep gone by!!!
.. It's mid morning now.
... Time I put up the snaps!!

I love the sword bit... when cutting my cake!! With my life!! I'm sure I will feel like a million dollars when I look back at today!!!

Down the ages!!!

shucks - i was feeling nostalgic.....!!!

AGE : 3
AGE : 19
AGE : 20
AGE : 21
AGE : 22
AGE : 25
AGE : 28
AGE : 29
AGE : 28
AGE : 29

AGE : 30

Drive Safe!

Sex is like driving. You never forget it once you've learned it.  In both cases - drinking is not recommended! ... and for your sake and your partner's... please follow the ABC principle!! USE A CONDOM

Down.. but not out!

It doesn't matter where you are, how rich you are, whether you have it all or none at all.... It's always in the attitude.

I saw these kids.. down in the dumps (literally) - yet smiling as we passed by , me going clickety click.. kinda made my day!

the national language

Dear mr.balla thakerbray,

Greetings from an indian citizen. I'm not Maaharashtrian. I'm purely Indian. Just one amongst the crores. I can speak in English, hindi, punjabi. I understand marathi, though. So i was able to understand your nephews bluster on national television.

Please note that hindi is our national language and is suitable for public communication within the boundaries of this nation. Mumbai, as far as i know is still in India. So please explain the same to your nephew.

Secondly, in a democratic nation, communication is free. That's the reason we're putting up with your shit. It sounds bad when i say the word. Just imagine a grown man shitting in public when he makes the kind of statements like your nephew.

I expected much more from a man of your stature. You should have taught him better. One of these days someone else might do the needful.

I believe you're a reasonable man, as some well informed folks tell me. So this policy me divisiveness wil…

The birthday week commences!!

oh - i'm almost 31!!

it thought I'd be feeling old... but no!
It's like having a goal... and getting there.... as long as you don't get there - you ain't old enough!

My goal is to never get old!
(at least not mentally)
Maybe one day I will mature, though!!

oh btw - i got my bday gift - the CANON EOS450D.... it's a kinda collective gift from all in the family!!
thank you
thank you...

more thank yous after I get the moolah!!

Small is BIG!!

It was a chance turning on of the idiot box that we bumped into THE ANT BULLY!!
This is an amazing feel-good film. The day's stress simply vanished and we were smiling all through.

Makes me wonder.... why I killed so many "GOOD" ants as a child!!!

Chrome is here!!

Google finally launched their CHROME web browser... for the PC
Download it here
I'm a fan of GOOGLE and their product lineup... can't wait for it on MAC!!

I like their basic something for the current set of requirements rather than add an extra option / functionality to existing behemoths. I mean - why not go for a new wardrobe.. instead of buying a couple of new shirts and then run around trying to match them to existing set of faded trousers!

King of my castle!

Writing about a socially relevant topic is the “in “ thing.
I heard someone say - if it doesn’t concern everybody, if it doesn’t affect everyone - it’s worth crap.
Unfortunately it came in the email ... and not on the blog (as a comment).

This is my blog :-)
It's my castle - and I am the king of this piece of cyberspace!

I like people reading my writing. Maybe it touches a chord someplace.
But I'm not into films, philanthropy or politics. So this is not my attempt at playing the gallery.

I am what I am.. elitist, fundamentalist, call me whatever. But please have the Ba**S to say it to my face on my BLOG (if you please). Then we shall see.

I could have let the email pass... but "I" choose not to!

The Mahajan Family Newsletter - August 08

This was hitherto a PDF sent out to a select few. Starting this month, I shall be putting the newsletter on the blog in JPEG format - so it is accessible to a lot more of our friends!


for old times sake

It's nine pm. The bottle of jacobs creek chardonnay,2006 vintage is lying on the table - half full. Arnold is strutting his stuff on the telly asking the man for his clothes and his bike. The shades are a bonus.
John connor tells tod that the lady is not his mother and drives off... The rest is history!!
This is not about the women who have been in my life, as keshi requested. It's about how our experiences shape our thinking and our lives. I'm not gonna generalize. Lets just stick to me since i'm the villain of the piece.
So i'm the sum total of all that has passed before me. I hope it will take me as far as the next pitstop. There i will gather the troops again. It's like a video game and the next level has its own challenges..
But it always feels like deja vu.Then the next level is upon me.
We all do what we are programmed to do. So a terminator terminates. Any question to the obverse is replied to with a succinct why..
I'm a learner. Every twist a…