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Under Control!

As a followup to my last post.... where I wondered about control and controlling, I thought I'd take a few minutes to talk about being controlled.

I am a free spirit! (I also like spirits.. esp if they're free)

As things stand today - I respect a few opinions, but always follow my independent counsel. It's not that I don't care what others think. In fact I go out of my way to mould my thoughts to suit certain circumstances. One would contend that that is the very essence of being controlled.
I beg to differ - because I believe that if I am "CONTROLLED" to do something I want to do.... it ain't control no more.
However, my middle finger is always ready for mind controllers who think they can guide me down a path I am wont to follow! Somehow I have a penchant for showing the finger.... only my pal John does it better!. He's the eternal rebel....his bosses brand him a trade union leader and his team called him a capitalist (at first).
All he's trying to do is get some shuteye in during the day so he can work late hours!! But nobody understood it and everybody tried their hand at controlling him. None succeeded!

I see folks around me succumbing to pressures when they don't really need to. My subordinate will do a few tasks despite his non-acceptance. My Mom will listen to some relatives in direct contradiction to her belief system. My uncle (mom's younger bro) knows how I feel about his antics in life. So he does well to stay away from me.
I refuse to obey without reason. Sometimes.. well actually many times, it gets my feet dirty! But then let's face it - that's life!

It's your choice to be controlled or free. It's your choice to do what you believe is right. After all when we reach the pearly gates - nobody's gonna give a hick of my connections back on earth!

John looks nice n cozy though :)

Loser...what has the photo and my reference to do with what you have written ?

or it's just me rebelling at the post ? :

Johnnie I'm going for you rebelling against the post

so now we have 2 rebels.. waah!!

Johnny - i'm using you to draw the crowds to the blog!!

Nice to know that ur a FREE spirit, in many aspects :)

LOL @Johnny boy's pic!


well... i also put the pic on HIS desktop .. and then email everyone in he team that the Project Manager was sleeping on the job...
So Johnny woke up with an audience!

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