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Out of the box

Why do we get in the box in the first place?
The desire to solve problems is as old as time itself. The problem is that we treat problems as such.. you know - we call them problems... and that’s the start of the bigger problem.
Adam and his missus were a lil out of sorts in the garden of eden. They were bored with the gardens and the fruit borne within. So Eve tried to solve the problem.. thereby creating issues for both species - human and serpents! We’ve never really got onto the track thereafter. .. it’s been a long roll thereafter.

In fact we never got out of that box!

So why do we keep trying to THINK out of the box
I think it’s genetic coding .. which has mutated down the ages .. and we now think OUT of the box. Maybe if we tried staying inside the box for a bit and improving things within. ...

There I go again.. thinking out of the box!

Maybe we just need to get rid of the box.

... sounds like a fun idea Solitaire ... that was nice out of the box thinking!! rahega baas na bajegi baasuri

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