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The Mind of a Married Man (Part 4)

matching ambitions & career goals
when to do this and when to say - family first.
i never really gave it much thought when i was single.
i'm sure she felt the same way.
it's so different now.
suddenly i cannot think of being home for a month and not doing anything (socially acceptably) constructive.
there is nothing like a "between jobs" break now

conversely... being HI-DINKs ... the situation should be reversed.
I did some p-wondering and an interim point of view was that we loved our "independent" financial security. so suddenly if I was dependent on her... hmmm .. who can tell! I know she'll take care of me - the house husband!
OK - for a minute lets just say that my ego was on the back-burner.... what'd happen if i wanted to just say - opt out of the current work assignment and do a bit of photography... I think, thought, thunked too.... but then there are other things to consider as well.

i wonder how the others did it...

We'l talk about this later

Family is always first even if/when ur single right? :)


family is always first... but when you're just out of college... starting out on a career path, it becomes self centric to the extent that you wouldn't mind being away from the family or well mebbe something like do i need to spend X number of hours wid da folks!

Today - at 31 - after marriage - I think differently - it's a need.. a realization that family is all that really matters in the end!

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