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The Mind of a Married Man (Part 2)

One week to go......
Then the iPHONE 3G arrives in India.... to work its magic on the 2G network..!!!
It'll be a whole new world out there.

Alas - my wife and I won't be a part it. Instructions from my better half.
I got my E90 communicator in May. So 3 months and 17 days is not enough time for an upgrade.
We need to go out there and buy a car instead.... start saving Arjun!!!

Married man is moping.....

damn right...your E90 is still very much a new phone. Anyway you have the IPOD Touch for your other desires n needs

yes yes yes the e90 is new..... do you want it... ummm . i'm offering you a new phone!!!

Hopped over here from the Madmomma's space...

Are you sure you are not secretly filming my house and putting up stuff here?? ;)

Except that the husband's E 90 is nearly a year old!!

so i'm not alone... there are other men out there... also bearing the brunt!!

Have a GOOD day sunshine!

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