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The lil kid and the candy shop

It was something breathtakingly new....The lil one had been waiting for it for a few years now. The door to the candy shop had been opened and he was free to pick out the various sweets because daddy had given him a GOLD credit card!

He first sampled the chocolate and then the mint....ooooh he liked the fancy colored ones as well... He loved the thought of eating candy without the thought of falling ill.. The only thing that could stop him was the credit limit on daddys card!!

He's loving it!!

So ITUNES has finally finally started their INDIA APPS store!! You can connect to the store through ITUNES and I've just got some great software for my IPOD TOUCH... almost makes it an IPHONE... short of actually making calls....!!

I'm loving it too... this is better than candy!
4 comments: I hear the S word?

no no no
this is not the kind of SHOPPPPING that you do... it's just candy tasting@

Hmm.. do you really need a map in India? And did they actually manage to make a map for India? Wow!!

well the maps work sine.. esp in the metros....

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