Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Late night partying

... has come to a halt.. a day after our marriage!

Interestingly enough I was a regular on the nightclub circuit in my days of being unique (aka single).
Now... we (sups and me) have only had one occasion in the last 15 months when we actually went to a night club... it's eerie!!

I was of a breed that could stay up all night and eat anything, a breed normally associated with Socialites and cockroaches.. I was neither!

Is it like a mindset change / phase shift that ran over me... Neither of us was ready to stop partying... and sometimes Supriya and me wonder as to what really happened... what's happening to us...!!!

A picture from yesteryears...circa Dec 06... as we sway to the music at BUZZ!

Main kya karoon ram mujhe buddha mil gaya :P

that too a bald budha!

As long as it happened willingly, who cares? Right?

Tumne to mujhe bhi buddha bana dala tumhare saath :P

Hehehe.. That's what marriage does to you :P

Moi is gonna go trip all night in one of the best trance gigs ever.

J : lucky you enjoy the trance session!!!
I'm off to TIRUPATI for a weekend of HOLY TRANCE

SMM : We are what we believe we are... so you could be an 80 year old going on 20... you say...

Solitaire : thou art quite right! I never gave it much thought till wifey said so

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