Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Just ain't fair!

There ain’t no justice in the world!
He’d been up early, since the water tank had burst upon them. The water had come as a deluge. His normal waking time was around 5am to wash up and leave for work, cleaning up the city roads. It was half past 3 when the tank burst.

The family of 4 had been sleeping, looking forward to the festival in the morning. A devout hindu, Janamashtmi was on their list of celebration and “going out” days as a family. The water had come as a train through a tunnel, clearing all before it. it did not knock on any door. Just washed them out.
Luckily no one died. But that was little solace when he surveyed ground zero. It was a Sunday and no hope for getting money for the present. The government run bank that he’d saved in was closed for the day. He wandered off as sunlight crept over the horizon and thought about the time to come. He played with permutations and combinations in his head, hesitant to commit to any action.

Even prayers escaped his mind view right now!
There he stood on the road, wishing...


omg I hate to read unfair stuff like this cos it makes me sad for the rest of the week! :(


TY Keshi!
Not intended to dampen your spirits at the very onset of the week... trust we have enough of that work and beyond.!

It's just that I saw him standing there.. and i wondered!

Nothing is, always dishes out the unexpected. What happened here is so sad...and mostly very frustrating...cos nothing is done to help such people, who try to make an honest living out of their lives

life has it's OWN definition of the word "fair".
Someone somewhere keeps track of the big picture... it's that we can't see it. I'm the eternal optimist... so i look for that silver lining wherever I go.

There is justice. Just not in the form we desire.

not that u spoilt my mood Arjun. I was just saying that such things make me very sad.

Im very well aware of such injustice...but like Sol so rightly stated, maybe there is justice in a different form..mebbe we just dun see it cos we r so used to the norm?


Like I said above " Someone somewhere keeps track of the big picture"

just not us.. cos' we don't see it. To be honest, many folks I know.. no matter how lucky they seem to be... never accept it.. they always believe life wasn't fair to them. They always forget to appreciate... prefer to depreciate instead!

:) yes thats human nature.

but sometimes the poorest of the poorest ppl have the happiest lives...


the vagaries of fortune... and fortitude!!

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