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I love my gadgets...
There's the MAC.... the phone.. the xbox and not to forget.. my trusty camera!!
It's like an insatiable urge to be ahead of the herd. My lovely wife - well, she mostly looks on! It's only now that she's put her foot down with regards the IPHONE.

I cannot imagine life.. now.. without my trust set of accompaniments by my side. I feel the need to be connected, always!

An article in the paper pointed out the fact that I may need psychiatric help in this regard. I disagree.
I love my stuff and I would definitely miss it if it weren't there. I mean I would be close to frantic. But if there was something that kept mind from these technological mind-jammers ... then I'd be willing to play ball!!

You play ball and i'l play bat :P

That should keep your mind off acquiring a gadget every couple of months

Har paagal yehi kehta hai "main pagal nahi hoon!" :p

main pagal nahi hoon nahi hoon nahi hoon!

SMM.... tum kab se KIRKET khelne lag gayi ho?

Jab se tum ball se khelne lag gaye tab se manie bhi KIRKET khelna shuru kar diya...

A couple which plays KIRKET together stays fit and happy together

The "something" to distract will be useless if you use it like just another gadget!

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