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My father says I can control and manipulate others. I agree and I disagree.
If I could do all that he says I was capable of - well I'd be president by now.
I wish I could be in control of lots of things, but alas - such is not the case.

I agree with him to a certain extent as well. That's the case because I believe I can read others (sometimes). Then it becomes a task of matching their priorities and mine. When there is a match - my work gets done, despite earlier protestations to the opposite.

So it's akin to understanding others than mind control!

We all like control over others. The only difference being the varying degree of control obtained/ exercised.
If my boss had his way....
Lucky me I guess.... he doesn't know what's in mind.... unless I want him to know. Or so I like to think.

But what challenge would it be if I could manipulate everyone to my way of thinking and action. After the novelty had worn off (within the week) - I would have nothing to do. So too the rest of my controlled realm!!
That would drive me nuts

As Margo Kaufman aptly put it, "The only thing worse than a man you can't control is a man you can."
.... I do wish I could control the women though!!!

keep wishing :P

yes i will.... :-)

definitely food for thought!!!

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