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It's like the title says...

The chair in the teacup

The chair is a relatively obtuse piece of office equipment..... yet it created a bit of a tropical cyclone in the proverbial teacup.

The CASE (for Sherlock to handle)

A 4 wheeled chair was found located in the ante room to the Directors cabin. This, in addition to the 3 already present there. Nobody had reported it missing and nobody except the Director noticed that it was there. The questioning was done on a ONE on ONE basis by the BIG MAN himself. He wanted to know who'd shifted the chair and on whose authorization.

Yours truly got in to office after 4 days and was hard-pressed for time when he was summoned by the GRAND INQUISITOR...

My face must have been a study in emotion....actually I was dumbfounded....trying to make something of the whole affair. Yes I was busy. This trivial crap was a lil too much for me.

So I looked around (again) - called the office boy and had it towed away. Just wondering if they'd get a MANAGER to do such stuff anywhere else.

I got back to my seat and was the under scrutiny as my facial mask was kinda distorted. I looked askance at my colleagues. It seems they'd all attended the INQUISITION before me... courtesy my seniority!

The case remains unsolved.... Anyone willing to play Sherlock????

Nope Sherlock Holmes for me

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