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What’s It!!

So maybe my grammar is off. I have replaced the hallowed “?” with a more in our face “!” n the title for this post.

So if you have watched the film where pappu - who obviously can’t dance - then you’d have learned that the mind works in a weird manner shutting out the scenes that make life difficult. It’s so much easier to imagine and work in a world where there is happiness all around and no “bad” things whatsoever.

That’s the whole idea of playing “WHAT’S IT” !!

Look at something and imagine it were not so.

Let me help you out with alive example. Take a look at the pic below and tell me what you’d infer!

It's not just a tree.....
It's a pretty ballerina giving her best as she performs to the crowd in the darkness..
She throws her hands about and sashays with grace waiting for the cameras to begin!

Whaddaya think?

Heheh so true! Actually when I took a look at the pic, I figured it looked like a female dance performer, and then read the stuff beneath, and bingo!! Btw! So true! Pappu can't dance saala! But the whole cool attitude and the cast's chirpy nature had us all accept the bunch of newcomers in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, as compared to the other pappu who is a complete dancing ace in Love Story 2050, but turned out to be a big time loser with the audience :p

Medusa showing off her wild tresses

and she's throwing herself about in wild abandon too!!

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