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It's like the title says...

Singh is King

Maya, advani and poor karat,
Thought they had them on the mat
But the old man showed them his thing
Shut down the opposition without even voting
Tabhi to kehte hain- singh is king!

Absolutely! Glad Singh Won!

Btw! The black money showed by BJP in the parliament, as money given by Manmohan Singh for the votes, wasn't it given by ruling communists in China who wanted the deal retracted by way of the Indian Communists? Thats what I heard, and if thats the case, hope the money gets retraced to China, so the culprits are caught for good! Lol! Whatever made them think they can weaken India's international standing just to gain an advantage in the upcoming elections as they had not too many substantial points to detract voters against the present government thats going great guns under Singh, the king ;D

well.. controversies can rage for as long as they want them to.
i wish they'd just get on with their work and keep things moving progressively

Politics? ya know Arjun, Polly doesnt Tick me :)


Thank gawd e don't have Mayawati as PM. She'd probably be asking for a 10% cut from all foreign delegations :P

ty Keshi!

Polly doesn't tick me either....
but I do get a kick if it's good for the country!!

mayawati woulda driven us all up the gum tree!!

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