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It came upon me suddenly....
I felt the urge to see what had become of them... those young ladies that I had a crush on - once upon a time.
So I searched for them... and guess what.. facebook works!!
I can't name them here - cos then I'm gonna get beat when I get home, if I ever make it that far :-) No Names - No Dates - No Places. I'll be facing a court martial if I talk.
I haven't attempted contacting them - but it's nice to see that I can still remember their names and what they looked like. Guess what - most of them wouldn't even remember the geeky lil fella who sat somewhere around them and was always trying to be helpful. I recollect that I was never shy - but yeah I wasn't BF material either. I was kinda confused! Not that it got better with age. It took quite a few falls to realize how things were destined to turn out.
I remember this time a couple of years ago when Tina and I were partying with Vishal and he had a couple of friends from HBS join us (in Delhi). I was able to recall that one of them had attended the same Tution classes as me in 1992. I was also able to recall where he used to sit in the class and what kind of clothes he wore. Man - I really spooked him out.
Ok - the long term memory (ROM) still works!!
But the RAM (short term memory) fails quite often - esp when I have to remember something Supriya told me to remember. Why why why???

Coming back to the primary topic of discussion... the urge to recollect and remember.... hmm still wondering where that came from. Life has been rather good to me (in the strategic sense). I may have lost some battles - but I'm on my way to winning the war. And in order that I continue winning the war - I have to be a good reporter and never quote names - just some well informed sources. No dates either. Actually the safest option is to keep my mind shut. But like they say you can take a Mahajan out of Chari... but never the Chari out of the Mahajan.
So the memoirs shall continue!!

PS: Chari is my native village in the middle of Himachal someplace

This post reminds me of Willie Nelson's ever famous song that goes best with whiskey and some guy friends.

To all the girl's i've loved before.. ;)

Erm, that might not be the case here, but eitherways.

All my ex's now give me the cold shoulder.. wonder why!!

well... you're not far off the mark.. the song is quite close :-)

all my ex's.. well they're so well settled and living happy lives.... that I'm quite sure they don't rue breakin up with me....
Alls well that ends well.!!

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