Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Last minute changes!

I love surprises!
I hate last minute changes!
Yes - they simply turn me off - and then I react!
Earlier - I'd blow me topsy turvy - now i maintain a dignified silence - it's as if the troublemaker does not exist!!!
The womanly solution of hard rock silent wall works.... it throws everyone off balance - cos' then you become unpredictable.... I guess they don't like last minute changes either :-)

Why womanly solution?
Why do u hate last minute changes?
Find it hard to cope--that's why?
Just wonderin'
Preeti (Just a mother of two)

umm.. the womanly solution - keep quiet - don't raise the volume - drive the guy crazy... well it more often than not - works..!!
When i say womanly solution - i mean smart solution - it was not a put downer :-)

.. and the last minute changes.... well they're ok once in a while,.... but not everytime.... it throws a spanner into everything already planned out!

Heya Arjun, thanks for noting that the calorie calculator didn't work, I have reposted it as part of the blog template at the bottom of the page and now it works just fine ;) Heheh btw nice post :D

me neither!


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