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The onset of a low in the biorhythm cycle can be observed more effectively from the outside. It’s difficult to sit on judgment on the self. It’s like something is eating me up on the inside - but I don’t know what it is!
She senses it. She hints and presumes that all may not be right. The common observation is that I’m on 2 extremes - cranky or hyper! I’ve been overtly defensive and then extremely intolerant. This is like a festering wound which I cannot identify or diagnose effectively. My patience levels have been running low for sometime now. I have to will myself to be quiet when it would happen so naturally otherwise.

I’m going to try something new now. Something to help calm me.

I’m gonna motivate me to be cool (aka CALM)

Everyday that I go through without sarcastic remarks, angry retorts, crazy expressions, cold attitude - I will track and give myself 6 points.

The initial monthly target will be 150 points.

We will move that up to 175 points in the next 6 months!

180 is UTOPIA!

There will be negative marking for every transgression. Transgressions will be punished by awarding 1 point less. In case of more than 6 transgressions per day - points will travel in the negative zone!

A minimum of 100% TGT achievement is acceptable. Any less and I will do penance in other yet to be defined ways.

This reservoir of energy will now be used for doing what they proverbially call the GOOD things only. Nobody else can do it for me. This is from within.

This is not prescribed by any doctor or shrink. But I think it should work just fine!

Best of luck baby...Make it to Utopia cuz you can :)

What amazing motivation! Tell us how it goes.

yes - i will!!
in fact i'll be maintaining an online score sheet on this blog post!!

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SATURDAY 26th July
6 ( i was nice all day long)

SUNDAY 27th July
5 ( i was rude at one time during our visit to the mall)

MONDAY 28th July
already been docked one point cos I was rude when I awoke!!

heheh! i love the countdown to 180 arjun :-)! i am sure tis closer than you think it is. why don't ya give urself bonus points for the bad days when you don't loose your temper?

monday 28th july

Tuesday 29th July (still on)
already had 2 lil unpleasant shows of emotion!!

will we be able to recognize ourselves at 180?

Wow I should do this too cos lately I've been one negative chick :(


29th July - 5 Farewell panga with wife

30th July - 6 :-)

31st July - 6 :-)

1st Aug - 5 The klutzy Area manager made me do it

2nd Aug - 4 Blew up at HR!! Twice!!

3rd Aug - 5 welcome back panga with wife!

4th Aug - 2 (the goddamn driver and the rain coupled with a 3 hr drive in delhi traffic)

5th Aug - 3 (The driver again)

6th Aug - 5 (CCD zindabad.. and that too after getting wet in the rain)

7th Aug - so far so good!!

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