Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

painfully yours!!

I've been down and out for this last week.
It's a funny kinda viral attack... makes me feel like windows PC!
Trust me - I don't like being unwell (who does) and staying at home with nothing to do.

I'm back in office today... so I thought I should have something to say... cos' nobody called to find out if I was ok....or not ok!!
Well I'm not ok that nobody called when everybody could have called.... somebody should definitely have called....
only sups...and mom.. and ma... and my lil sis from across the ocean... and my half gharwali.... everybody else forgot...!!


Well.. the fever has come on again... i had a sinful crow to relieve my misery but it ain't helping just yet..

This weekend looks bleak ... my life ain't what it used to be....

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